TMK-ARTROM was founded in 1982, as a state owned company, under the name IT Slatina and its production started in 1988. It was transformed into a public limited company in 1991, and renamed ARTROM SA.

On November 20th 1995 the company listed its shares on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Then ARTROM SA went through the privatization process and became a public private joint-stock company on April 30th, 1999 with the Austrian company STARO Gmbh as its majority shareholder. In 2001, the German company Sinara Handel GmbH (renamed today TMK-EUROPE) bought a controlling stake in ARTROM SA.

On March 1st 2006, ARTROM SA joined the world’s second largest pipe producer when it became part of the TMK GROUP of companies and changed its name one last time to TMK-ARTROM. 

In the last few years, technology and equipment have been upgraded to high performance and state of the art levels. Most upgrades were carried out after 2001 and new ones are still being implemented. In February 2007, a new pipe manufacturing line was put into operation – a Cross Piercing Elongator. As a result, the production capacity of TMK-ARTROM now reaches 200,000 tonnes per year.

These investments increased production quality and allow a better and more efficient control of production parameters.

TMK-ARTROM works jointly with its sister company TMK-RESITA who produces 100% the pipes billets for all TMK-ARTROM’s capacity. Both companies were re-built as an integrated production flow. 


TMK-ARTROM and TMK-RESITA have the same Board of Directors and are managed by the same Management Board and both are part of the TMK-European Division. 


TMK-ARTROM manages today all business of the TMK-European Division as General Management Unit for all TMK-European Division’s companies.